In and On Personal Training

This service is a mixture of the In-Person Personal Training service and Online Personal Training service.

In and On Personal Training

  1. We will conduct a 30-minute consultation, either in person, over the phone or over email, so that I can find out as much as I can about you, your current fitness regime (if any), and your goals and aspirations.

  2. I will then prepare a training programme for you to follow in your own time. I will start by preparing a programme for the first 6 weeks.

  3. The 6-week programme will also include a weekly check in service with you to discuss how you have got on with the programme that week, answer any queries, and provide you with some nutritional coaching.

  4. We will also train together at your home, or at your private gym, or in local parks and greens (weather dependant) 2 times during the 6-week programme, each session will last for 1 hour, a total of 2 hours of training together in person (at times to suit you).

  5. Once you have completed the 6 week programme, we will conduct another consultation to discuss how you got on with the programme, parts you enjoyed, parts you struggled with, how you feel you are progressing, and re review your goals.

  6. I can then prepare a new 6-week programme for you to follow. These programmes can be prepared for as long as you want!

Price per 6-week programme:  £275.00